Appian Way, Burwood - Gallery


  • 'Colonna', restrained Queen_Anne_style_architecture

  • 'Olevanus' 6 Appian Way

  • 'Alba Longa' 4 Appian Way, a very exuberant example of Queen_Anne_style_architecture

  • 'Amalfi' 2 Appian Way

  • 'Brianza' 3 Appian Way

  • 'Vallambrosa' 19 Appian Way

  • 'Capri' 23 Appian Way

  • 'Atella' 25 Appian Way

  • 'Cassa Tasso' 14 Appian Way, Federation Bungalow style, characterised by the prominent verandah

  • 'St Ellero' 5 Appian Way, in the Federation Arts and Crafts style

  • 'Mevania' 7 Appian Way

  • 'Erica', 21 Appian Way also in the Arts and Crafts style

  • Tennis Club

  • 'Ostia' 16 Appian Way, also a Federation Bungalow

  • 'St Ellero' 5 Appian Way, a home in the Federation Arts and Crafts style

  • 'Del Osa' 9 Appian Way, a typical Australian Queen_Anne_style_architecture villa

  • 'Ariccia' 10 Appian Way, another typical Australian Queen_Anne_style_architecture villa

See also: Gallery of Appian Way Houses and see also Federation-house.Wikispaces

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