An Annuity is any continuing payment with a fixed total annual amount. Annuity may refer to:

  • Annuity (finance theory): any terminating stream of fixed payments over a specified period of time
  • Life annuity: a financial contract providing payments for a person's lifetime
  • Annuity (US financial products)
  • Annuity (European financial arrangements)
  • Swiss Annuity

An annuity that has no definite end is called a perpetuity.

Other articles related to "annuity":

Life Annuity
... A life annuity is a financial contract in the form of an insurance product according to which a seller (issuer) — typically a financial institution such as a life insurance company ... Thus a life annuity is a form of longevity insurance, where the uncertainty of an individual's lifespan is transferred from the individual to the insurer, which reduces its own uncertainty by ...
Life Annuity - Annuities By Region - United Kingdom
... In the United Kingdom conversion of pension income into an annuity is compulsory by the age of 75 and has led to a large market for annuities of various types ... source of the funds required to buy the annuity is from a pension scheme ... Examples of these types of annuity, often referred to as a Compulsory Purchase Annuity, are conventional annuities, with profit annuities and unit linked, or "third way" annuities ...
Commuted Cash Value
... Commuted cash value refers to the present value of an annuity after annuitization ... cash value if a commuted cash value is stipulated in an annuity contract, this allows the owner of the annuity to cash the contract in, even after annuitization ...
Life Annuity - Decision To Defer or Not
... The option to defer purchase of an annuity (income drawdown) has the benefit of investment flexibility, offset by the risk of falling annuity rates as the life expectancy of the surviving individual rises (mort ... can affect the decision to purchase, as they are reflected in the annuity rates, and also affect secure investment potential by varying bond yields ... Inflation deteriorates the buying power of an annuity and can therefore be a concern ...