Annals (Latin annālis, yearly from annus, a year) are a concise form of historical representation which record events chronologically, year by year. The Oxford English Dictionary defines annals as "a narrative of events written year by year". In The Content of Form: Narrative Discourse and Historical Representation, Hayden White discusses annals in contrast to chronicles and history, two other forms of historical representation. He claims that annals lack a "social center". A social center locates the list of events in time to a point of view, which would imply the moral importance of the events. In contrast to the chronicle, annals do not organize events by topics, such as the reigns of kings. Unlike history, the annal does not conclude and tie up all the loose ends, but simply terminates. The annalist leaves the recorded events unexplained and often one event has as equal weight as another. Furthermore, annalists represent events as happening to humankind, rather than human beings causing events.

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List Of Contemporary Accounts Of Samuel Johnson's Life - Autobiographies - Annals
... The Annals An Account of the Life of Dr ... Samuel Johnson, from his Birth to his Eleventh Year, written by himself were written by Samuel Johnson and kept in manuscript form until 1805, when it was printed by Nichols and Son in London ...
Loingsech Mac Óengusso - Early Events
... Loingsech is first mentioned in the annals of Ireland under the year 672 when he defeated Dúngal mac Máele Tuil of the Cenél mBógaine who was slain ... The Annals of Ulster do not mention Loingsech as victor, whereas the Annals of Tigernach do ... The Annals of the Four Masters refer to Loingsech as chief of the Cenél Conaill with regards to this event ...
Annals Of Quedlinburg - Annals
... The Annals open with a chronicle of world history from the time of Adam to the Third Council of Constantinople in 680-681, based on chronicles by Jerome ... that 1008 was the actual date that the Annals were first compiled, although Robert Holzman argues for a start date of 1000 ... The Annals incorporate the stories of a number of historic and legendary figures such as Attila the Hun, King Dietrich of the Goths, and others ...
Succat - Death
... latest reconstruction of the old Irish annals, Patrick died in AD 460 on March 17, a date accepted by some modern historians ... An addition to the Annals of Ulster states that in the year 553 (approximately two hundred and fifty years before the addition was made) The placing of this event in the year 553 indicate a ...
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... Other historical works known by the title Annals include European The Annals of the Old Testament by Archbishop James Ussher Medieval German annals The *Other Chinese ...

Famous quotes containing the word annals:

    The annals of this voracious beach! who could write them, unless it were a shipwrecked sailor? How many who have seen it have seen it only in the midst of danger and distress, the last strip of earth which their mortal eyes beheld. Think of the amount of suffering which a single strand had witnessed! The ancients would have represented it as a sea-monster with open jaws, more terrible than Scylla and Charybdis.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    What is most interesting and valuable in it, however, is not the materials for the history of Pontiac, or Braddock, or the Northwest, which it furnishes; not the annals of the country, but the natural facts, or perennials, which are ever without date. When out of history the truth shall be extracted, it will have shed its dates like withered leaves.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The conqueror at least; who, ere Time renders
    His last award, will have the long grass grow
    Above his burnt-out brain and sapless cinders.
    If I might augur, I should rate but low
    Their chances: they are too numerous, like the thirty
    Mock tyrants, when Rome’s annals wax’d but dirty.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)