Ann Nixon Cooper - Age Issue

Age Issue

When featured in Obama's 2008 speech, Ms Cooper was 106 years old. Some news outlets erroneously reported her as "oldest voter" even though there were several older voters, including then-114-year-old Gertrude Baines, 113-year-old Beatrice Farve, 112-year-olds Maggie Renfro and George Francis, 110-year-olds Virginia Call and Onie Ponder, and 109-year-olds Nettie Whittington and Amanda Jones (all voted for Obama); and 112-year-olds Eunice Sanborn, Besse Cooper, and Walter Breuning (all indicated they likely voted for McCain) and 109-year-old Gertrude Noone (who voted for McCain).

Ann Nixon Cooper died on December 21, 2009, three weeks before what would have been her 108th birthday.

Census research suggests she may have been a year younger than claimed; the 1910 census lists her as 7 years old in April 1910. Given a January birthdate, this suggests birth in 1903.

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