Angelo is an Italian and Greek masculine given name meaning "angel", or "messenger". Angelo is also an Italian surname that has many variations: Angeli (disambiguation), Angela (disambiguation), De Angelis, D'Angelo, Angelini, Angelino (disambiguation), Angelina (disambiguation), Angelucci, Angeloni, Angeletti (disambiguation).

Angelo as a given name may refer to:

  • Angelo Badalamenti (born 1937), American composer
  • Angelo Bertelli (1921–1999), American football quarterback
  • Angelo Bronzino (1503–1572), Italian Mannerist painter
  • Angelo Bruno (1910–1980), American mobster
  • Angelo Buono, Jr. (1934–2002), American serial killer
  • Angelo Cataldi (born 1951), American sportcaster based in Philadelphia
  • Angelo Coniglio (born 1936), Sicilian-American engineer, genealogist and author
  • Angelo Dundee (1921–2012), American boxing trainer
  • Angelo Fusco (born 1956), Provisional Irish Republican Army member
  • Angelo Garcia (born 1976), Puerto Rican Singer (ex-member of Menudo)
  • Angelo Lano, American FBI agent who headed the Watergate investigation
  • Angelo Mariani (disambiguation)
    • Angelo Mariani (conductor) (1821–1873), Italian conductor and composer
  • Angelo Mathews, Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Angelo Mosca (1938–present), wrestler and Canadian Football Player
  • Angelo Ambrogini Poliziano (1454–1494), Florentine classical scholar and poet
  • Angelo Secchi (1818–1878), Italian astronomer
  • Angelo Torres, cartoonist and caricaturist
  • Angelo Oliviero Olivetti (1874–1931), Italian revolutionary syndicalist
  • Angelo Seaborne (born 1992), Messenger.

As a surname it may refer to:

  • Ernest Angelo (born 1934), Texas businessman and politician
  • Jeff Angelo, Iowa politician
  • Jerry Angelo, Chicago Bears general manager
  • D'Angelo (born 1974), American musician
  • Beverly D'Angelo (born 1951), American film actress and singer
  • Henry Angelo (1760–1839), British fencing master
  • Mark Angelo, Canadian conservationist
  • Michelangelo

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Famous quotes containing the word angelo:

    Some theosophists have arrived at a certain hostility and indignation towards matter, as the Manichean and Plotinus. They distrusted in themselves any looking back to these flesh-pots of Egypt. Plotinus was ashamed of his body. In short, they might all say of matter, what Michael Angelo said of external beauty, “it is the frail and weary weed, in which God dresses the soul, which he has called into time.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)