American Mafia - List of Mafia Families

List of Mafia Families

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The following is a list of all the 24 Mafia families that have been active in America. Note that some families have members and associates working in other regions as well. The organization is not limited to these regions.

  • Buffalo, New York (Buffalo crime family)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Outfit)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland crime family)
  • Dallas, Texas (Dallas crime family)
  • Denver, Colorado (Denver crime family)
  • Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Partnership)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas City crime family)
  • Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles crime family)
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Milwaukee crime family)
  • New England (Patriarca crime family)
  • New Jersey (DeCavalcante crime family)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans crime family)
  • New York, New York (The Five Families)
    • Bonanno crime family
    • Colombo crime family
    • Gambino crime family
    • Genovese crime family
    • Lucchese crime family
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania (Bufalino crime family)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia crime family)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh crime family)
  • Rochester, New York (Rochester crime family)
  • San Francisco, California (San Francisco crime family)
  • San Jose, California (San Jose crime family)
  • St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis crime family)
  • Tampa, Florida (Trafficante crime family)

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Giuseppe Ayala
... He was known as an "anti-Mafia" magistrate, and had functioned as an "anti-Mafia" judge ... He raised doubts about whether it was only the mafia that was involved in the killing of Giovanni Falcone ... In 1993 he published a book entitled La guerra dei giusti I giudici, la mafia, la politica (The war of the righteous The judges, the mafia, politics), detailing his experiences in politics ...
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