Ambient Air

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Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling
... Atmospheric dispersion modeling is the mathematical simulation of how air pollutants disperse in the ambient atmosphere ... or to predict the downwind concentration of air pollutants or toxins emitted from sources such as industrial plants, vehicular traffic or accidental chemical releases ... agencies tasked with protecting and managing the ambient air quality ...
Air Pollution Dispersion Terminology - Air Pollution Emission Plumes
... There are three primary types of air pollution emission plumes Buoyant plumes — Plumes which are lighter than air because they are at a higher temperature and lower density ... because they are considerably warmer and less dense than the ambient air ... example, an emission plume of methane gas at ambient air temperatures is buoyant because methane has a lower molecular weight than the ambient air ...
Cooling Tower - Heat Transfer Methods
... a surface that separates the working fluid from ambient air, such as in a tube to air heat exchanger, utilizing convective heat transfer ... tower), the warm water can be cooled to a temperature lower than the ambient air dry-bulb temperature, if the air is relatively dry (see dew point and psychrometrics) ... As ambient air is drawn past a flow of water, a small portion of the water evaporates, and the energy required to evaporate that portion of the water is taken from the remaining ...
Amendments To The Air Pollution Control Act of 1955
... There have been several amendments made to The Air Pollution Act of 1955 ... In 1963, the Senate Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution was created and was soon overwhelmed with public concern over air and water pollution ... It was then that the Clean Air Act of 1963 was passed ...

Famous quotes containing the word air:

    By the roadside a hideous carrion, quivering
    On a clean bed of pebbly clay,
    Her legs flexed in the air like a courtesan,
    Burning and sweating venomously,
    Calmly exposed its belly, ironic and wan,
    Clamorous with foul ecstasy.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)