The first name Alois, Aloïs or Aloys can refer to

  • Alois I, Prince of Liechtenstein
  • Alois II, Prince of Liechtenstein
  • Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein
  • Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist
  • Alois Arnegger, an Austrian painter
  • Brother Alois, the Prior of the Taizé community
  • Alois Brunner, an Austrian Nazi war criminal
  • Alois Buttinger, an Austrian socialist
  • Alois Carigiet, a Swiss illustrator
  • Aloïs Catteau, a Belgian cyclist
  • Alois Dryák, a Czech architect
  • Alois Eliáš, a Czech general and politician
  • Alois Hába, a Czech composer
  • Alois Hitler, born Aloys Schicklgruber; Adolf Hitler's father
  • Alois Hitler, Jr., Adolf Hitler's half-brother
  • Alois Hudal, a Rome-based, pro-Nazi bishop of Austrian descent
  • Alois Jirásek, a Czech writer
  • Aloys P. Kaufmann, a mayor of Saint Louis
  • Alois Kayser, a German Roman Catholic missionary who spent almost 40 years on Nauru and wrote a Nauruan grammar
  • Aloïs Michielsen, a Belgian businessman
  • Alois Mock, an Austrian politician
  • Alois Musil, a Czech explorer, orientalist and writer
  • Alois Negrelli, an engineer and railroad pioneer in Austria, Italy and Switzerland
  • Aloys Pennarini, a tenor opera singer, opera director and film actor
  • Alois Rašín, a Czech economist and politician
  • Alois von Reding, a Swiss patriot
  • Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Alois Ratzinger
  • Alois Riehl, an Austrian philosopher
  • Alois Senefelder, an Austrian actor and playwright who invented the printing technique of lithography
  • Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, an Austrian actor and American politician
  • Aloys Sprenger, an Austrian historian
  • Alois Švehlík, a Czech actor
  • Alois P. Swoboda, a pioneer of American physical culture
  • Alois Vašátko, a Czech fighter pilot
  • Aloys Wach, an Austrian expressionist painter and graphic artist

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