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Jatha - Sikh Take Over of Mughal Rule
... the tenth guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh sent his brave Sikh general, Banda Singh along with some hundred Singhs to punish those who had committed atrocities against Pir Buddhu ... Banda Singh with a large group of Sikhs advanced towards the main Muslim Mughal city of Sirhind and followed the instructions of the guru he punished all the ... Sirhind the news of the death of Guru Gobind Singh, stabbed by a Pathan assassin, reached Banda Singh and Sikhs all over Punjab ...
Islam And Sikhism - The Sikh Rebellion Against Mughal Rule
... alliance, both groups Hindu Kings and Muslim Governors attacked Guru Gobind Singh and his followers ... alerted and engaged them in battle once again where two of the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh aged only 9 and 7 were bricked up alive within a wall by Wazir Khan in Sirhand (Punjab) ... The other two elder sons as well as many other Singhs fought with giant Mughal force and were martyred during battle ...

Famous quotes containing the word singh:

    Too much rain is not good,
    nor too much sun.
    Too much talking is not good,
    nor too much silence.
    Punjabi proverb, trans. by Gurinder Singh Mann.