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From 1993 Channel 4 broadcast a number of After Dark one-off specials. In 1995 the Financial Times wrote:

"Channel 4 ended its remarkable season on capital punishment, 'Lethal Justice', by reviving After Dark, the best studio discussion format ever created; why they do not run it 52 weeks a year is a mystery. Being live may mean enduring bores... but you can also come across amazing people - a former American prison governor in this instance - who, most unusually, have enough time to explain their ideas. As so often with After Dark I switched on to watch 10 minutes and stayed till the end."

In 1997 a Channel 4 executive was said by The Guardian to be "insistent that 'it's a popular misconception that we killed it off. In fact we never lost it. We haven't done another series, but we did a one-off After Dark recently in our abortion season'. Bizarrely, Channel 4 cited After Dark as a model of the kind of cerebral programme it wanted when inviting (independent production company) submissions in May.... 'I can't think of any ideas that would make better late-night programming than After Dark,' he said, echoing the words of the original commissioning executive of After Dark, Seamus Cassidy, who in an interview to the Irish News in 2005 said, "I'm probably most proud of After Dark'."

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