Acharya Tulsi

Acharya Tulsi (October 20, 1914 – June 23, 1997) was a Jainist Acharya (an ascetic). He was the founder of the Anuvrata and the Jain Vishva Bharti Institute, Ladnun and the author of over one-hundred books. Dr. Radhakrishnan in his "Living with Purpose" included him in the world's 15 great persons. He was given the title "Yuga-Pradhan" in a function officiated by President V.V. Giri in 1971.

He was influential in the development of Acharya Mahapragya and Sadhvi Kanakprabha.

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... To keep Tulsi's teachings immortal, followers built a memorial in the village of Todgarh named Mahashila Abhilekh ...
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... Impressed by Muni Nathmal (later Mahapragya), Acharya Tulsi honored him with the qualitative epithet of Mahapragya (highly knowledged) on 12 November 1978 ... his appellation ‘Mahapragya’ was converted into his new name by Acharya Tulsi and he was also made ‘Yuvacharya’, successor designate to the present Acharya, the second ... In a public meeting on 18 February 1994, Acharya Tulsi declared that Mahapragya would now have the title of ‘Acharya’ also and that the former was renouncing this position forthwith ...
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... After consulting Mahapragya, Acharya Tulsi decided to start the research, translation and annotation of the Jain Agamas ... The work started in 1955 in Ujjain under the leadership of Acharya Tulsi with Mahapragya being the editorial director ... Joint activity of Acharya Tulsi, Mahapragya and other intellectual monks and nuns began to facilitate the permanent preservation of many thousands of years old canonical ...