ABCD is a list of the first four letters in the English alphabet. It may also refer to:

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ABCD - In Other Fields
... ABCD), a Boston, Massachusetts based non-profit social services agency Asset-based community development, a methodology that seeks to uncover and highlight the strengths within ... ABCD ships, The first four steel ships built during the "New Navy" period of U.S ...
Tangential Quadrilateral - Metric Properties of The Incenter
... to The product of two adjacent sides in a tangential quadrilateral ABCD with incenter I satisfies If I is the incenter of a tangential quadrilateral ABCD, then The incenter I in a ...
ATP-binding Cassette Family - Subfamilies - ABCD
... The ABCD subfamily consists of four genes that encode half transporters expressed exclusively in the peroxisome ... In addition, the function of other ABCD genes have yet to be determined but have been thought to exert related functions in fatty acid metabolism ...