Zords in Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Zords In Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The Zords of Power Rangers Dino Thunder were dinosaur-based cyborgs created by Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer during their collaboration. They were mostly maintained by Tommy's friend Hayley. The toy version of the Brachiozord, which was not released in the U.S., was capable of detaching its neck and shoulders to combine with the other Abaranger Robos to make new arm combos, although this is not seen in either Abaranger or Dino Thunder. The toy versions of the Tyranno Drill, Tricerazord, Auxiliary Zords (except for the Stegazord), Blizzard Drill, Chasmozord, and the arms from Dino Stegazord and Mezodon Megazord can combine with Gaoranger/Wild Force through Boukenger Robos/Megazords and Operation Overdrive's BattleFleet Megazord to make new arm combos.

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Zords In Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Blizzard Force Megazord/Replicant Zord
... Force Megazord was never featured prominenty in Dino Thunder (it fought in "Test of Trust" and was defeated in about a minute) ...

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