Zoids Saga - Zoids Saga III: Fuzors

Zoids Saga III: Fuzors (sometimes just 'Zoids Saga III' or 'Zoids Saga: Fuzors'), is set in the Zoids: Fuzors fictional world, and follows the actions of 'Will'. A good portion of the storyline parallels the Zoids: Fuzors anime. Similar to Zoids Saga there is one city (Blue City) which the player returns to after each segment of the story.

One of the major changes made to the game was the way Unizon Zoids were formed. When Unizon Zoids were introduced in Zoids Saga II the player had to have all of the Unizon Zoids in a certain formation and use a deck command to fuse them. Each Unizon Zoid was fused for the entire battle and only got one attack per turn cycle. In Zoids Saga III you could fuse during your turn in battle. Each Unizon Zoid would be fused for four turn cycles and would get the same number of turns per cycle as the number of Zoids fused. After four turns the Unizon Zoid would break apart into its original Zoids and could be re-fused from there. An example is the Matrix Dragon (which is a Unizon of 4 separate Zoids) would get four turns in Zoids Fuzors and split apart after four turn cycles in Zoids Saga III while in Zoids Saga II it would get one turn and stay fused the entire battle. This made a small number of boss battles significantly easier as the player would only have to survive four turn cycles and then attack the weaker individual Zoids after the Unizon broke apart.

Another addition was the ability for certain Zoids to have flying modes and land modes. For example Liger Zero Phoenix (before any modification) would have more powerful weapons while in land mode, but would be slower and less evasive. While in flying mode its weapons would be weaker but it would be faster and more evasive.

A major change was the way you could modify your Zoid's armorments. You could make your weapons infinitely powerful in theory, but as the power of a weapon rose, so did the amount of EP (Energy Points) it cost to use it. There was a maximum on the amount of EP your Zoid could have. This added to the games strategy, because rather than needing to buy a new Zoid when the enemies became too strong, you could modify your current Zoid's weapons to meet the challenge.

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