Zlatari or Zlătari may refer to:

  • an alternative name for the Boyash, a group of Romani people
  • Zlătari, a village in Ungureni Commune, Bacău County, Romania
  • Zlătari, a village in Goieşti Commune, Dolj County, Romania
  • Zlatari, Bulgaria, a village in Tundzha municipality, Bulgaria
  • Zlatari (Brus), a village in Brus municipality, Serbia

Other articles related to "zlatari":

House Of Zlatarić
... The House of Zlatarić (or Slatarich "zlatar" meaning "goldsmith" in Croatian), was a noble family from Dubrovnik with origins in Macedonia ... The empress Maria Theresia in 1765 gave Pavle Zlatarić Hungarian Nobility ...
Dinko Zlatarić - Analysis
... His varied expression, mastery of verse and sound, put Zlatarić among the best Croatian lyrical poets of his time ... Zlatarić is also renowned as the best translator of the Croatian Renaissance ... His translation of Sophocles' Electra reveals not only Zlatarić's education, taste and versifying ability, but also his poetic gift ...
Dinko Zlatarić - Life
... Dominiko was the most famous member of the Zlatarić noble family from Dubrovnik ... born in 1558 as the son of Žimun (Simone Slatarich) Zlatarić and Frana, daughter of a very wealthy nobleman by the name of Dominik Kladurobović ... Dinko's brother Mihajlo Zlatarić served as a major-lieutenant in the forces of Juraj Zrinski, while history didn't remember his other brothers Cvijeto and Nikola ...
Croatian Linguistic Purism - Historical Overview - The Early Period
... In the Dubrovnik Renaissance literature, 16th century poet Dinko Zlatarić freely "translated" Greek and Latin names into Croatian — sometimes wrongly, due to superficial knowledge of etymology ... in his translation of Torquato Tasso's "Aminta", published in 1580, Zlatarić's purist tendencies led to mistakes the hero's name Aminta becomes in ...