Zhou Tong (Water Margin) - Encounter With Lu Zhishen

Encounter With Lu Zhishen

Zhou Tong attempts to force Squire Liu's daughter to marry him. Coincidentally, Lu Zhishen is seeking shelter in Squire Liu's manor and he decides to help Liu deal with the overbearing bandit leader. Lu Zhishen lies in ambush inside the bride's room and catches Zhou Tong off guard in the dark and gives him a good beating. Zhou Tong escapes back to his stronghold and complains to Li Zhong. Li Zhong leads his men to confront Lu Zhishen and the conflict is diffused when Li discovers that Lu is actually an old acquaintance. Li Zhong succeeds in helping Lu Zhishen persuade Zhou Tong to give up on Squire Liu's daughter. Lu Zhishen stays with Li Zhong and Zhou Tong at their stronghold for a few days before leaving.

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Li Zhong (Water Margin) - Encounter With Lu Zhishen
... Meanwhile, Lu Zhishen is expelled from the monastery after causing havoc ... Lu Zhishen is received warmly by the hospitable Squire Liu, master of the manor ... Squire Liu tells Lu Zhishen that Zhou Tong is trying to force his daughter to marry him ...

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