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Zaporozhian Cossacks - Organization - Cossack Kleinody
... The most important items of the host were the Cossack Kleinody (always in plural related to Reichskleinodien) that consisted of valuable military distinctions, regalia ... Kleinody were awarded to Zaporizhian Cossacks by the Polish king Stefan Batory on August 20, 1576 to Bohdan Ruzhynsky, among which were khoruhva, bunchuk ... The seal of the Zaporizhian Host was produced in a round form out of silver with a depiction of cossack in a gabled cap on a head, in kaftan with buttons on a chest, with a saber (shablya), powder ...
Zaporozhian Cossacks - Organization
... The Zaporizhian Host as a military political establishment has developed based upon unique traditions and customs, the Cossack Code which was formed mostly among the ... The host had its own military and territorially administrative division 38 kurins and five to eight palankas (territorial districts) as well as an original system of administration with three levels ... Zaporizhian Host has developed an original judicial system, in a base of which laid the customary Cossack Code ...

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