Zanja Madre

The Zanja Madre (English: 'Mother Ditch') is the original aqueduct that brought water to the Pueblo de Los Angeles from the Rio Porciuncula (Los Angeles River). It is referred to as an open, earthen ditch which was completed by community laborers within a month of founding the pueblo. The ditch underwent many alterations over the years and was in use until the early 20th century before it was replaced by modern piped water supply systems.

The recent construction and grading along the Metro Gold Line have created a major archaeological interest in its latest "rediscovery" and possible preservation.

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Zanja Madre - Note
... 1 - The word zanja was also used by the American water companies, even so much as to refer to their watergate keepers as zanjeros ...
Zanja Madre - Archaeological Finds
... archaeologist Julia Costello discovered a portion of the Zanja Madre during construction of the Plaza de Dolores ... In 2000 two people allegedly dug up a section of the Zanja on the steep slope near a Broadway parking garage and were credited by the L.A ... Weekly and Los Angeles Times as having discovered the Zanja, but as it turned out later, they had merely come across the well-known brick "bulge ...