Yucatan Brown Brocket

The Yucatan Brown Brocket (Mazama pandora) is a small species of deer native to the Yucat√°n Peninsula of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. While it is found in humid tropical forest like most other brocket deer, the Yucatan Brown Brocket also ranges across arid, relatively open habitats. It has been treated as a disjunct subspecies of the Gray Brocket or a subspecies of the Red Brocket (Mazama americana).

Among others, the Yucatan Brown Brocket differs from both the Red Brocket and the Gray Brocket in the shape and measurements of the skull and antlers. It also differs from the Central American Red Brocket, which is locally sympatric with the Yucatan Brown Brocket, in its gray-brown, rather than overall reddish, color.

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