Yuan Kay-shan - Three Heroes of Wing Chun

Three Heroes of Wing Chun

Yao Wing Ken (Yoa Choy’s grandson) explains that, "in the old days of Foshan, his grandfather Yao Choy, Yip Man and Yuen Kay San were called the "Three Heroes of Wing Chun" and often mentioned together. Yuen Kay San's disciple Leung Jan Sing also provided an ancestral document indicating that Yuen Kay San studied with Fung Siu Ching, while Yip Man and others studied under Yuen. This record was passed down in the 70's of last century. Although Yip Man is not necessarily Yuen’s official student, in the order of seniority on the family tree, Yuen Kay San ranked at the first level, with Yip Man being last. It would be normal for Yip Man to ask Yuen Kay San for instruction.

Below is the original Chinese quoted from the original article in the Dayoo Newspaper of Guangzhou:

还原历史:   “咏春三雄”齐名    姚永强介绍,当年在佛山,他的爷爷姚才与叶问、阮奇山并称“咏春三雄”,三人齐名,武功不相上下。阮奇山的徒孙梁湛声还提供了祖传的记录,记录上写明, 阮奇山师从冯少青,而叶问与其他多个咏春武者一同在阮奇山的门下。“这本记录是上世纪70年代留下的, 这也不能说叶问是他的徒弟,但论资历,阮奇山排第 一,叶问最后,叶问向他请教很正常。.

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