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The Yip family estate was burnt by some locals angry of Yip Man's grandfather who smuggled opium as an opium boat captain. (In those days, opium was not an illegal substance). Yuen Chong Ming was a neighbor, a friend and a fellow merchant with Yip Man's father and had the Yip family live in the Yuen Mansion. During this time, Yuen Chong Ming had asked his youngest son Yuen Kay San to teach the younger Yip Man some Chi Sao (Sticky hands) exercise as Yip Man has not learnt this from his teacher Ng Chung So. Against the idea initially as Yip was Ng's student and does a different Wing Chun Style. However with persistence of his father, Yuen Kay San taught him Chi Sao. But regardless of Yuen Kay Sans request to keep the Chi Sao knowledge to himself, Yip Man openly used the skills to defeat the Si Hings (elder Kung Fu brothers) of his gwoon. However this began the start of the friendly contemporary relationship of the "Three Heroes of Wing Chun" between Yuen Kay San, Yip Man and later Yiu Choi/Yao Choy (studied under Yuen Chai Wan first and then Ng Chong So).

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