Yua may refer to:

  • Yua (genus), a genus in the Vitaceae family of flowering plants
  • Yua Bateson, a character in the role-playing video game Breath of Fire II
  • You're Under Arrest! (manga), a manga created by Kōsuke Fujishima

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List Of Chaos;Head Episodes - Episodes
... The next day, he feels someone is stalking him and finds it was a girl named Yua Kusunoki ... Takumi accompanies Yua to pre-order the latest Seira figurine ... more with each other, Takumi takes a liking to Yua as she accepts him for who he is ...
The Year Before (W.I.T.C.H.) - Setting - Arkhanta
... Even the banshee Yua was unable to help him ... With trickery, Ari could keep Yua in his scarlet citadel forever ... Knowing they had received everything thanks to the powers of Yua, the people are both happy and disturbed ...
List Of W.I.T.C.H. Characters - Antagonists - Part III Villains
... to heal his son, Ari captured a banshee named Yua in order to force three wishes from her in return for her freedom ... (since she can only grant material wishes), Yua instead helped him to claim rulership over Arkanta, but instead of releasing her, Ari used his last wish to bind Yua as his eternal servant ... YuaYua is the mightiest banshee on Arkanta ...
Yua Aida
... Yua Aida (あいだゆあ, Aida Yua?) is an award-winning former Japanese model and AV idol ...