Young Fine Gael - Recent National Campaigns

Recent National Campaigns

  • Homeless Solidarity Campaign (2003 & 2004). Sleep-outs in Dublin, Cork and Limerick to raise awareness of Irelands' homelessness problem.
  • Better Deal for Young Drivers (2003): To campaign for action on road safety, motor insurance for young drivers and reform of the diver education/testing system. This campaign included 20 public meetings nationwide and a local media and internet publicity drive.
  • Housing Tax Campaign (2004): Nationwide petition campaign to raise awareness of the government's excessive tax take on new homes for first-time buyers.
  • Talk! Campaign (2005): To raise awareness of Mental Health and Suicide
  • Voter Registration Campaign (2006): To encourage Youth Participation in Politics
  • Lisbon Treaty Campaign (2008): Campaign to seek a Yes vote in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
  • Get Ireland Back to Work Campaign 2010: To raise awareness of Fine Gael's policies on job creation including New Era & Hope for a Lost Generation, policies drafted in response to the financial crisis and recession.

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