Yolngu People

Yolngu People

The Yolngu or Yolŋu are an Indigenous Australian people inhabiting north-eastern Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. Yolngu means “person” in the Yolŋu languages. The term Murngin was formerly used by some anthropologists for the Yolngu.,

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Milirrpum V Nabalco Pty Ltd - Background
... In December 1968, the Yolngu people living in Yirrkala, who were the traditional owners of the Gove Peninsula in Arnhem Land, obtained writs in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory against the Nabalco ... The Yolngu people claimed they enjoyed legal and sovereign rights over their land and sought declarations to occupy the land free from interference ... The Yolngu people had petitioned the Australian House of Representatives in August 1963 with a bark petition after the government sold part of the Arnhem Land reserve on 13 March of that year to a bauxite mining ...
Yolngu People - Yolngu Ethnographic Studies
... They argue that Yolngu culture is a system of knowledge different in many ways from that of Western culture, and may be broadly described as viewing the world as a related whole rather than ... Watson and Chambers, explores the relationship between Yolngu and Western knowledge by using the Yolngu idea of ganma, which metaphorically describes two streams, one coming from the land (Yolngu ...

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