Yesh Gvul

Yesh Gvul (Hebrew: יש גבול, can be translated as "there is a limit", as "the border exists", or as "enough is enough") is a movement founded in 1982, by combat veterans, at the outbreak of the Lebanon War, who refused to serve in Lebanon and has expanded its opposition to the war in Lebanon to the negation of service in the occupied territories, reflected in the current Yesh Gvul slogan:

“We don’t shoot, we don’t cry, and we don’t serve in the occupied territories !”

Yesh Gvul's members performance of military duty is selective and dependent upon the nature and location of service. As "Selective refusal" is a form of "civil disobedience" (modelled on methods pioneered by Mahatma Gandhi) the combat veterans are open to military and civil charges. Yesh Gvul's campaign of selective refusal played a part in the Israeli governments decision to withdraw from south Lebanon.

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... Yesh Gvul operates in three main areas personal support for each "refusenik" activities for an end to the occupation and a broad campaign of public ... Yesh Gvul have found over the years that an effective support mechanism for jailed refuseniks is by having support groups from outside Israel adopt the "refusenik" ... Yesh Gvul also engages in human rights activities, such as petitioning British courts to issue arrest warrants for IDF officers accused of human rights abuses and war crimes ...