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Operation Magic Carpet (Yemen) - Possible Factors of Yemeni Jewish Immigration To Israel - Religion
... Some would say that Yemenite Jews were motivated, according to Reuven Ahroni, by a 'messianic frenzy', indifferent to the great tribulations their travels would confront ... the state of Israel and the JDC that portrayed the motivation for Yemeni Jewish immigration to Israel during the Operation as a religious motivation ... states that the conventional view is that “primitive” Jews immediately left Yemen in order to be redeemed by the Messiah in Israel ...
Operation Magic Carpet (Yemen) - The Community That Stayed Behind
... Estimates of the Yemeni Jews who chose not to perform aliyah afterwards, down to 1962, range from 1,000 to 3,000, mostly in outlying tiny hamlets, many near the border of Saudi Arabia ... were met with strong hesitation, and many Yemeni Jews were ambivalent about emigrating ... It was forbidden to native-born Yemeni Jews who had left the country to re-enter, rendering communication with these communities difficult ...

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    Bible: New Testament, Galatians 2:15-16.