Yaroslavl State University - Campus


Building № Address Department/Faculty Coordinates Photograph
I 14 Sovetskaya Street
(ул. Советская, д. 14)
Administration and rector's office, Faculty of Physics 57°37′58″N 39°53′14″E / 57.63278°N 39.88722°E / 57.63278; 39.88722
II 8/10 Kirova Street
(ул. Кирова, д. 8/10)
Faculty of Physics, Applications office 57°37′35″N 39°53′23″E / 57.62639°N 39.88972°E / 57.62639; 39.88972
III 10 Sovetskaya Street
(ул. Советская, д. 10)
Faculty of History, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences 57°37′52″N 39°53′25″E / 57.63111°N 39.89028°E / 57.63111; 39.89028
IV 9 Proezd Matrasova
(проезд Матросова, д. 9)
Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Biology and Ecology 57°34′27″N 39°51′26″E / 57.57417°N 39.85722°E / 57.57417; 39.85722
V 17d Prospekt Oktyabrya
(пр-кт Октября, д. 17д)
Faculty of Physics, laboratories 57°37′58.5″N 39°52′37″E / 57.632917°N 39.87694°E / 57.632917; 39.87694
VI 3 Komsomolskaya Street
(ул. Комсомольская, д. 3)
Faculty of Economics 57°37′30.7″N 39°53′4″E / 57.625194°N 39.88444°E / 57.625194; 39.88444
VII 144 Soyuznaya Street
(ул. Союзная, д. 144)
Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Computer Science 57°37′18″N 39°55′33″E / 57.62167°N 39.92583°E / 57.62167; 39.92583
VIII 36a Sobinova Street
(ул. Собинова, д. 36а)
Faculty of Law 57°37′34.9″N 39°52′51.5″E / 57.626361°N 39.880972°E / 57.626361; 39.880972
IX 146 Slepneva Street
(ул. Слепнева, 14б)
University college
X 1 Polushkina Rosha Street
(ул. Полушкина Роща, д. 1)
library, sports centre 57°38′43.5″N 39°52′37″E / 57.645417°N 39.87694°E / 57.645417; 39.87694

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