Yanar Mohammed - Activities in Iraq Since 2003

Activities in Iraq Since 2003

Upon her return to Iraq, Yanar Mohammed founded several groups to promote the rights of women in post-Saddam Iraq. In particular, Yana established the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq and the Committee for the Defence of Iraqi Women’s Rights (DIWR).

She also edits the feminist newsletter ‘Al-Mousawat’, which has ‘ a platform of fearless feminism against Islamic fundamentalism and tribal patriarchal tendencies, and highlights among other violations atrocities against women resulting from the war’.

As the most recent Human Rights Watch report on Iraq states, violence against women and girls in Iraq continues to be a serious problem. The report states that ‘ insurgent groups and militias, soldiers, and police among the perpetrators’, and that ‘"Honor" killing by family members also remains a prevalent physical threat to Iraqi women and girls. While dozens of cases were reported in 2008, few resulted in convictions.’ It is against these sorts of crimes that Yanar Mohammed has dedicated her campaigning to preventing.

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