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Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English)

Etemon (エテモン?) is an Ultimate level puppet Digimon, and the first main villain that the children run into when they arrive on the continent of Server. Etemon can pinpoint their location via his Dark Network, and has a large army of Digimon working for him. Etemon has the character of an Elvis impersonator, being full of pride with an intolerance for people who fail to acknowledge his over-inflated ego. Etemon considers himself to be a great singer, using it in his signature "Love Serenade" attack which can regress the DigiDestined Digimon. In a fight, Etemon can overpower the children’s Digimon in their Champion forms single-handily. Etemon uses his Dark Network to terrorize the DigiDestined at every turn as they find their Crests, one such scheme resulting in Tai and Agumon becoming fearful of trying to use their Crest's power after the latter assumed the form of SkullGreymon, until the children go into an upside-down pyramid to find Sora’s crest and unwitting freed Datamon, a prisoner of Etemon, who kidnaps Sora and tries to create a clone of her to defeat Etemon. But managing to unknowingly activate his Crest when he musters courage, Tai save Sora as Etemon dukes it out with Datamon. Datamon, in a last-ditch effort, programs the Dark Network to absorb all Digimon in its reach, including himself and Etemon. However, Etemon is instead fused with the Network from the waist down and uses its power to attack the children. However, Greymon digivolves to MetalGreymon and uses his "Giga Blaster" to seemingly defeat Etemon.

However, it actually caused a wormhole to open with Etemon trapped into a time-space limbo. But refusing to accept this fate, Etemon absorbs the Dark Network's energy to return to the Digital World, in the process becoming the Mega-level cyborg Digimon MetalEtemon (メタルエテモン, MetaruEtemon?) with his entire body coated in the indestructible alloy Chrome Digizoid. MetalEtemon goes looking for the DigiDestined and finds Mimi, Joe, Palmon, Gomamon, and Ogremon as they were attacked by Puppetmon. After a brief battle between the two villains over who gets to kill them, MetalEtemon tracks Mimi's group to Digitamamon's now-abandoned restaurant where he battles SaberLeomon. When SaberLeomon is fatally wounded while protecting Mimi from MetalEtemon's "Dark Spirits DX", Zudomon manages to make a crack in MetalEtemon's armor with his hammer, which is also made of Chrome Digizoid, and SaberLeomon then lands the deathblow.

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