• Akira Yamaoka (1968–), a Japanese video game composer (Silent Hill series)
  • Kaoru Yamaoka (1921–1986), a Japanese photographer
  • Kristi Yamaoka (1987–), a American cheerleader
  • Kenji Yamaoka (1943–), a Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan
  • Yamaoka Kagetaka (1526–1585), a famous samurai
  • Yamaoka Tesshū (1836–1888), a famous samurai

Fictional people:

  • Shirō Yamaoka, the protagonist in the manga Oishinbo


  • Yamaoka Station, a train station in Ena, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
  • Yamaoka, Gifu, a former town in Ena, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

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