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  • Azusa Yamamoto (山本 梓?), gravure idol and actress
  • Donald Yamamoto (ドナルド・ヤマモト?), American Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, for African Affairs
  • Fujiko Yamamoto (山本 富士子?) film actress
  • Gonnohyōe Yamamoto (山本 権兵衛?), the 16th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Hideo Yamamoto (山本 英夫?), manga artist
  • Hiro Yamamoto (ヒロ・ヤマモト?), bassist
  • Hiroshi Yamamoto (archer) (山本 博?), archer, Olympic silver medalist
  • Hisashi Yamamoto (山本 尚?), Professor of Chemistry, The University of Chicago
  • Hisaye Yamamoto (ヒサエ・ヤマモト?) (1921–2011), Japanese American author
  • Hōzan Yamamoto (山本 邦山?), shakuhachi player, composer and lecturer
  • Ichita Yamamoto (山本 一太?), politician
  • Isoroku Yamamoto (山本 五十六?), World War II Admiral
  • Issei Yamamoto (山本 一清?), astronomer
  • Jane Yamamoto, reporter
  • Kajirō Yamamoto (山本 嘉次郎?), film director
  • Kanichi Yamamoto (山本 寛一?), the first Japanese Bahá'í
  • Kansai Yamamoto (山本 寛斎?), noted fashion designer
  • Yamamoto Kansuke (山本 勘助?), general
  • Keiichi Yamamoto (山本 圭一?), comedian
  • Kenichi Yamamoto (yakuza) (山本 健一?),Yakuza
  • Kenji Yamamoto (山本 健誌?), video game music composer
  • Koichi Yamamoto (山本 公一?), politician
  • Kotetsu Yamamoto (山本 小鉄?), wrestler
  • Koji Yamamoto (actor) (山本 耕史?), actor
  • Koji Yamamoto (baseball) (山本 浩二?), baseball player
  • Linda Yamamoto (山本 リンダ?), pop star
  • Maria Yamamoto (山本 麻里安?), voice actress
  • Masa Yamamoto (山本 昌?), baseball player
  • Masakuni Yamamoto (山本 昌邦?), football coach
  • Masao Yamamoto (山本 昌男?), photographer
  • Masashi Yamamoto (山本 政志?), film director
  • Mayumi Yamamoto (山本 真由美?), actress
  • Mirai Yamamoto (山本 未來?), actress
  • Mona Yamamoto (山本 モナ?),announcer
  • Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto (山本 徳郁?), mixed martial arts fighter
  • Ryohei Yamamoto (山本 領平?), R&B singer
  • Sakon Yamamoto (山本 左近?), race car driver
  • Saori Yamamoto (山本 早織?), bikini idol
  • Satoshi Yamamoto (山本 サトシ?), illustrator of Pokémon Adventures starting in volume 10
  • Seiichi Yamamoto (山本 精一?), musician; member of seminal Osaka-based noise/krautrock band Boredoms
  • Shizuka Yamamoto (山本 静香?), badminton player
  • Shinya Yamamoto (山本 晋也?), film director
  • Shūgorō Yamamoto (山本 周五郎?), novelist
  • Takahiro Yamamoto (山本 隆弘?), volleyball player
  • Takashi Yamamoto (swimmer) (山本 貴司?), swimmer at the 2004 Summer Olympics
  • Taro Yamamoto (山本 太郎?), actor
  • Taro Yamamoto (artist) (1919–1994), American artist
  • Tatsuo Yamamoto (山本 達雄?), politician
  • Tsunetomo Yamamoto (山本 常朝?), author of the Hagakure
  • Yohji Yamamoto (山本 耀司?), fashion designer
  • Yoshihisa Yamamoto (scientist) (born 1950),
  • Yoshihisa Yamamoto (wrestler) (born 1970),
  • Yuriko Yamamoto (山本 百合子?), voice actor
  • Yusuke Yamamoto (山本 裕典?), actor and fashion model
  • Yutaka Yamamoto (山本 寛?), animation director
  • Yamamoto Hosui, a Prewar period painter

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