Yad Hana

Yad Hana (Hebrew: יַד חַנָּה, lit. Hannah's Memorial) is a Community settlement and former kibbutz in Israel's Sharon plain. Covering 2,600 dunams, it is located within the Hefer Valley Regional Council near Highway 57 north of the country's center. In 2006 it had a population of 208. In 2010, the Kibbutz movement newspaper Daf HaYarok reported that it numbered 140 members.

The kibbutz was established in 1950 by a gar'in group of Habonim Dror members and was named in honour of Hannah Szenes. In 1953, as a result of the split in Mapam (with which the kibbutz members were affiliated), most of the kibbutz members defected to Maki. However, 120 members who disagreed with this left the kibbutz to found a new one nearby by the name of Yad Hana Senesh (which was disbanded in 1972). As a result, the kibbutz became known as the "only communist kibbutz."

In 2003 the kibbutz was officially rezoned and popularly renamed Yad Hana-Homesh, when the kibbutz accepted the government's generous privatization package which included absorbing settlers evicted from Homesh as part of Israel's unilateral disengagement plan (see Protocol N.31 of the Knesset Ombudsman sub-committee on the disengaged, 5 Jan-2009. Today Yad Hana is a collective suburb, whose main industry is its own commercial real estate development.