XRC may refer to:

  • XML Resource - a user interface markup language used by wxWidgets
  • Extended Remote Copy - a technology for data replication

Other articles related to "xrc":

IBM Parallel Sysplex - Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex
... GDPS/XRC It is based on asynchronous Extended Remote Copy (XRC) technology with no restrictions on distance ... XRC copies data on storage devices between two sites such that only a few seconds of data may be lost in the event of a failure ... together with GDPS/GM, and GDPS/PPRC together with GDPS/XRC, respectively ...
Still Playing With Toys - Angel XRC
... Angel XRC tells the tale of a post-civil war civilization, where the government rules by fear and those straying from the norm are hunted by an army of XRC (Xeriv Resistance Control) officers ...