Wushu Stances - Contemporary Wushu Stances

Contemporary Wushu Stances

In contemporary wushu there are five basic stances: "Gong Bu" (bow stance), "Ma Bu" (horse stance), "Xie Bu" (rest stance), "Pu Bu" (flat stance), and "Xu Bu" (false stance).

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Ma Yue
... Xian city and Shaanxi province all-around championships and beat renowned International Wushu champ Zhao Changjun ... He is a Chinese National Wushu Champion, two-time gold medallist and a graduate of Wushu University of China ...
Alex Huynh
... He specializes in wushu, training at the United States Wushu Academy, and lives in Southern California, after growing up in Roanoke, Virginia and ... gold medalist in the Pan American Wushu Games ...
Contemporary Wushu Stances - Zuò Pán Bù (坐盤步)
... Bu (interpreted as “sitting on crossed legs stance”) is known by a number of names, such as the contemporary wushu “cross stance” or “rest stance.” It can be assumed by beginning in Ma Bu, pivoting ... The result is a cross-legged stance that can be used for initiating attacks or defending, while facing the opponent with one’s side ...

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