Wug Test

The wug test is an experiment in linguistics, created by Jean Berko Gleason in 1958. It was designed as a way to investigate the acquisition of the plural and other inflectional morphemes in English-speaking children.

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Jean Berko Gleason - Wug Test
... Gleason is best known for having created the wug test, a test of children's knowledge of morphology ... She created this test as part of her dissertation research, demonstrating that young children learn important aspects of language by finding patterns in the language that they hear around them, rather than by simply ... approach that she designed, now known familiarly as a “Wug Test”, shows children simple pictures of appealing imaginary creatures and activities, and ...
Wug Test - Description
... of an unfamiliar creature, often blue and bird-like, and told, "This is a wug." (Such reasonable but nonsensical words are sometimes called pseudowords ... /z/ of the plural morpheme will respond wugs /wʌɡz/ ... sometimes responding with "Two wug." Preschoolers aged 4 to 5 test best in dealing with /z/ after a voiced consonant, and generally say that there are two wugs, with a /z/ they ...

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