Wug or WUG may refer to:

  • Wug test
  • Windows User Group
  • Wireless user group

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Gu (poison) - Gu Meanings - Abdominal Wug Poisoning
... The "poisoning from abdominal wugs" or "abdominal parasites" meaning 2.1 first appears in the (121 CE) Shuowen Jiezi dictionary, cf ... It defines gu 蠱 as 腹中蟲也, literally "stomach middle wug", (tr ... CE) commentary construes this definition as "afflicted by abdominal wugs" and explains that instead of the usual readings zhōng 中 "middle center interior" and chóng 蟲 "wug", both ...
Pseudoword - Characteristics
... Pseudowords are also sometimes called wug words in the context of linguistic experiments ... This is because wug was one such pseudoword used by Jean Berko Gleason in her wug test 1958 experiments ... Words like wug, which could have been a perfectly acceptable word in English but isn't due to an accidental gap, were presented to children ...
Jean Berko Gleason - Wug Test
... Gleason is best known for having created the wug test, a test of children's knowledge of morphology ... The research approach that she designed, now known familiarly as a “Wug Test”, shows children simple pictures of appealing imaginary creatures and activities, and asks ...
Gu (poison) - Gu Meanings
1) Poisoning from an abdominal wug (2) In ancient books, a type of artificially cultured poisonous wug (3) Ghost of a person whose decapitated head was impaled on a stake (4) Evil heat and noxious qi ...