Worldcon - Activities


Activities and events at the convention typically include (but are not limited to):

  • Panel Discussions - On a variety of subjects, such as technology of the future, writing, publishing, the philosophical and sociological implications of the genre's works, recent scientific discoveries, etc.
  • Speeches or other presentations by the Guests of Honor.
  • Socialising in the 'consuite', convention bars and at parties (typically run by other conventions or bidders, clubs, publishers/magazines, and by private individuals).
  • Gaming - A room for playing role-playing games (live-action and table), board games, and card games
  • Filk music
  • Costuming - both formal competition (the "Masquerade"), and casual "hall costumes"
  • WSFS-related activities: The Hugo Award presentation, voting on the location of future Worldcons and the WSFS Business Meetings. These are the only events that a Worldcon is required to hold according to the WSFS constitution.
  • Dealers' room (jokingly referred to by fans as the "huckster room") - a large hall full of people selling books, movies, jewellery, costumes (often including weapons), games, comic books, etc.
  • Art show - presenting paintings, drawings, sculpture and other work, primarily on science fiction and fantasy themes
  • Live performances (Klingon opera, productions of Rossum's Universal Robots, etc.)
  • Watching science fiction movies, television shows, etc.
  • Activities to support fan and external charities (Fan Funds, Blood Drives etc.)
  • A rock and roll dance with a DJ

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