World Road Race

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Martin Earley - Palmares - Yearly Progression
1978 - (amateur) 1st overall, Junior Tour of Ireland 1981 - (amateur) 1st, Shay Elliot Memorial race 1982 - (amateur) 3rd overall, Rás Tailteann 1st, Stage 1984 ... - (amateur) 19th ...
Road - Statistics
... The United States has the largest network of roads of any country with 4,050,717 miles (6,518,997 km) as of 2009 ... China is second with 3,583,715 kilometres (2,226,817 mi) of road (2007) See List of countries by road network size ... The Republic of India has the third largest road system in the world with 3,383,344 kilometres (2,102,312 mi) (2002) ...
Greg LeMond - Palmarès
1977 1st National Road Race Champion (Junior) 1978 1st Overall Vuelta de Bisbee 3rd TTT Junior World Championship 1979 1st World Road Race Champion (Junior ...
Albert Büchi - Palmares
1930 Switzerland Amateur Road Race Champion 1931 - Oscar Egg Switzerland Road Race Champion 1st, GP de l'Echo d'Alger World Road Race Championship 3rd, Züri-Metzgete 9th, Tour de France 1932 - Oscar Egg 1st ...
Marinus Valentijn - Palmares
1929 1st, The Hague-Brussels 1930 1st, The Hague-Brussels 1932 - Demol Dutch National Road Race Championship 1st, Ronde van Noordoost-Brabant 6th, World Road ...

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