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3rd Edition

The trademark ability of the race is their ability to shift; that is, to bring their more animalistic talents to the fore, gaining some useful ability and a bonus to a single, usually physical, statistic for a short time. Most shifters can only use this ability once a day and for less than 30 seconds, but feats introduced in the Eberron Campaign Setting and Races of Eberron allow a player character to shift multiple times per day, and to maintain each shift for a minute or longer.

Beasthide shifters can increase their natural Armor Class, making them harder to damage, while gaining a bonus to Constitution and therefore extra Hit Points, making them harder to bring down.

Longtooth shifters can grow fangs and gain a natural bite attack, as well as an increase in Strength.

Cliffwalk shifters gain a bonus to Dexterity and much improved climbing ability.

Razorclaw shifters gain a claw attack and an increase in their Strength score.

Longstride shifters become fleeter of foot and gain an increase to their Dexterity score.

Wildhunt shifters gain the extraordinary ability to smell as well as a predatory animal, allowing them to track by scent, as well as a bonus to Constitution. Wildhunt shifters also gain a permanent bonus to their tracking ability even when not shifted, due to their residual ability to smell well at all times.

Dreamsight shifters are the rarest of all. While shifting, they gain a bonus to their Wisdom as well as the ability to speak with animals in a supernatural manner. Dreamsight shifters, like Wildhunt shifters, also have a permanent bonus to their skills, but in the case of Dreamsight shifters it is an increase in their ability to communicate with animals (reflected in the skill Handle Animal).

Gorebrute shifters gain a pair of horns which can thereafter be used in a natural charge attack, as well as a bonus to Strength.

Swiftwing shifters gain a bonus to their Dexterity scores while at the same time growing leathery flaps of skin similar to a bat's wings which allow him to fly at slightly less than walking pace.

Truedive shifters receive a bonus to their Constitution score, a bonus to their Swim skill, and an increase in their swimming speed while shifting. Even when not shifting, a Truedive shifter can hold their breath for amazing amounts of time.

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