World Lymphoma Awareness Day - WLAD Campaigns

WLAD Campaigns

Know Your Nodes

Know Your Nodes is a public awareness campaign created with the insight that people know little about their lymphatic systems and, in turn, lymphoma. An international survey conducted in 2006 by the Lymphoma Coalition revealed that nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of people did not know lymphoma was a type of cancer and less than half (49 per cent) knew anything about lymphoma at all. With this knowledge in mind, the Know Your Nodes campaign was created to take people back to the basics and learn more about their lymph nodes, lymphatic systems and lymphoma in time for WLAD.

Know Your Nodes engages people around the world in learning more about their lymph nodes, the lymphatic system, and most importantly, the signs and symptoms of lymphoma. Lymphoma’s signs and symptoms can be similar to other, less serious illnesses, and increasing awareness of lymphoma will allow people around the world to better recognise its signs and symptoms, leading to earlier diagnosis and more timely treatment.

Beacons of Hope

The Beacons of Hope program was created in 2006 to celebrate inspiring people around the world that have been affected by lymphoma. Lymphoma Coalition members were asked to nominate individuals affected by lymphoma who acted as global ‘Beacons of Hope’ ambassadors. The ambassadors spread the word of hope across the world, bringing real life experience to WLAD.

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