World Lymphoma Awareness Day

World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD) is held on September 15 every year and is a day dedicated to raising awareness of lymphoma, an increasingly common form of cancer. It is a global initiative hosted by the Lymphoma Coalition (LC), a non-profit network organisation of 49 lymphoma patient groups from 36 countries around the world. WLAD was initiated in 2004 to raise public awareness of both Hodgkin and non- Hodgkin lymphoma in terms of symptom recognition, early diagnosis and treatment.

Lymphoma is increasing in incidence and is a potentially life-threatening disease. One million people worldwide live with lymphoma and nearly 1,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every day, but there continues to be very little awareness of the signs and symptoms of lymphoma.

New international survey results show that:

  • When asked if they know their nodes, only half (49 per cent) of people said they know what nodes do
  • Although most respondents have heard of lymphoma, 52 per cent of people know very little or nothing about it
  • Two-thirds (67 per cent) of respondents did not know lymphoma is a type of cancer and that it has one of the fastest growing incidence rates worldwide
  • 90 per cent of people do not think enough is being done to fund lymphoma research

Increasing awareness of lymphoma will allow people around the world to better recognize its signs and symptoms, leading to earlier diagnosis and more timely treatment. Greater awareness will also empower patients and their families to demand specialist treatment and care from qualified lymphoma physicians as well as gain access to the most up-to-date information, support and treatment.

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