World Heritage Sites in Scotland

World Heritage Sites in Scotland are specific locations that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Programme list of sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humankind. Historic Scotland is responsible for 'cultural' sites as part of their wider responsibility towards the historic environment. The Environment Directorate is responsible for natural sites. There are currently five sites in Scotland, with a further six undergoing a process of formal evaluation. Informal discussion of a site for "├×ings", or Norse parliaments has taken place.

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World Heritage Sites In Scotland - Public Sector Involvement and Support
... According to Historic Scotland "Scottish Ministers identify and put forward sites to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport for nomination" ... application process would become available from Historic Scotland in due course ... of a wide variety of stakeholders, including site managers, local and regional governments, local communities, NGOs and other interested parties and partners" is encouraged ...

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