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United States Men's National Soccer Team Cup Results - Results - 2010–2019
2–1 Friendly 548 Australia 6/5/2010 3–1 Friendly 549 England 6/12/2010 1–1 World Cup GS 550 Slovenia 6/18/2010 2–2 World Cup GS 551 Algeria 6/23/2010 1–0 World Cup GS 552 ...
United States Men's National Soccer Team Cup Results - Results - 1950–1959
... Defeat M Opponent Date Result Event 31 Spain 6/25/1950 1–3 World Cup GS 32 England 6/29/1950 1–0 World Cup GS 33 Chile 7/2/1950 2–5 World Cup GS 34 Scotland 4/30/1952 0–5 Friendly 35 ...

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