Women Rulers in Maya Society - Naranjo - Lady Six Sky

Lady Six Sky
Reign 682 – 741
Full name Lady Six Sky, also known as Lady Wac Chanil Ahau, Lady of Dos Pilas, Lady of Tikal
Birthplace Dos Pilas?
Died February 10 or 11, 741
Predecessor K'ahk Skull Chan Chaak
Heir-Apparent K'ahk Tiliw Chan Chaak
Successor K'ahk Tiliw Chan Chaak
Father Bajlaj Chan K'awiil of Dos Pilas
Mother Lady Bulu'

Of the three queens, Lady Six Sky's reign was the most impressive. She was the daughter of Bajlaj Chan K'awiil of Dos Pilas and arrived at Naranjo in the position of ruling queen and establishes a "new dynasty." Lady Six Sky commissioned monuments that note she performed important calendric rituals, some shortly after her arrival. Additionally, she is shown on monuments taking on the role of a warrior-king by standing over a trampled captive, an unusual representation for a woman. Naranjo Stela 24 is one such depiction. Scholars suspect that K'ahk' Tiliw Chan Chaak, the king who succeeded her, was the son of Lady Six Sky. He was born five years after her arrival at Naranjo.

Monuments that refer to Lady Six Sky are: Stelae 3, 18, 24, 29, and 31.

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