Wolfgang Harich

Wolfgang Harich (3 December 1923 – 21 March 1995) was a philosopher and journalist in East Germany.

A deserter from the German army in World War II and a member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, Harich became a professor of philosophy at Humboldt University in 1949. He was arrested in 1956 and sentenced to eight years in prison for the "establishment of a conspiratorial counterrevolutionary group." He was released in 1964 and rehabilitated in 1990. In 1994 he joined the Party of Democratic Socialism.

His grave is preserved in the Protestant Friedhof III der Jerusalems- und Neuen Kirchengemeinde (Cemetery No. III of the congregations of Jerusalem's Church and New Church) in Berlin-Kreuzberg, south of Hallesches Tor.

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