Wolf 359 (The Outer Limits) - Opening Narration

Opening Narration

Outward stretches the quest for truth. Stars without end. Timeless infinities. A billion, billion galaxies. Man's imagination reaches out and out, while betimes the farthest reaches of knowledge are found in the smallest places...

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Opening Narration

The opening narration of a story, whether video game, book, film or otherwise, usually gives the reader or viewer background information necessary for a full understanding of the plot. It sets the scene, creates atmosphere and introduces a character.

Famous quotes containing the words narration and/or opening:

    Had Dr. Johnson written his own life, in conformity with the opinion which he has given, that every man’s life may be best written by himself; had he employed in the preservation of his own history, that clearness of narration and elegance of language in which he has embalmed so many eminent persons, the world would probably have had the most perfect example of biography that was ever exhibited.
    James Boswell (1740–95)

    The busy tribes of flesh and blood,
    With all their lives and cares,
    Are carried downwards by thy flood,
    And lost in following years.

    Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
    Bears all its sons away;
    They fly forgotten, as a dream
    Dies at the opening day.
    Isaac Watts (1674–1748)