Within These Walls - Episodes - Series 1

Series 1

Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate
1 1 "Cause for Concern" John Reardon David Butler 4 January 1974
Faye Boswell has been in charge at Stone Park women's prison for just one month when a prisoner on remand, Martha Kyle, starts to spread stories in the newspaper about her mistreatment by the prison officers. Kyle is a political activist and is taking any opportunity she can to gain publicity. Meanwhile, another prisoner, Peggy Abbot screams every time a prison officer goes near her because she thinks she will be beaten up for being black. Is this simply a misconception of the prison system or is there more to it…
2 2 "Lesson Number One" Peter Moffatt David Butler 11 January 1974
Peggy Abbot is put to work in the prison's nursery to help her cope with her children when she gets out. Things go well at first but soon Peggy starts to show signs of slipping back into her bad old ways... Elsewhere, concern is aired about the friendship between Lily, a domineering prison veteran and Nora a simple-minded first offender. Meanwhile Money is made available for improving the prison. All Faye has to do is to decide where to spend it...
3 3 "The Walls Came Tumbling Down" Paul Annett David Butler 18 January 1974
Building work has begun on filling in the floors of the upper wings to give the prisoners more space. With space at a minimum to house the prisoners while the work is being done trouble soon starts to brew. Then the work starts to slow down. It seems that the work party, made up of male prisoners, don't want to leave. Meanwhile, Faye's son, Paul brings a girl, Sally home with him. Sally has forthright views on the prison system which clash with Faye's. A few days later a prisoner who has just arrived at Stone Park on remand for drug offences asks to see the governor. When the prisoner is brought to Faye she is surprised to discover that the prisoner is Sally...
4 4 "In Her Own Right" Tony Wharmby Adele Rose 25 January 1974
Stone Park's Deputy Governor, Charles Radley, is threatened by a prisoner.
5 5 "Prisoner by Marriage" Paul Annett Tony Hoare 1 February 1974
Jane Brogan is transferred to Stone Park so that she can be near her husband and children. However, Brogan wants out and intends use her husband any way she can to achieve this aim. Meanwhile, a 16 year old borstal escapee is sent to Stone Park to await trial. Doctor Mayes is incensed by the girl's treatment by the system which he feels has failed her totally. He tries to help her, but her distrusted of authority figures threatens to hinder his attempts...
6 6 "The Group" Jim Goddard Terence Feely 8 February 1974
The drugs unit of Stone Park is one of Faye's main concerns, thinking that there must be a better way of treating drug addicts than putting them in prison and doping them up on legal drug substitutes. Dr Mayes introduces Faye to a friend of his, Dr Ormonde who has tried to deal with drug addiction by using group therapy, dealing with the psychological side of the problem. Concerns amongst the prison staff are raised about the scheme because to make the group idea work the addicts must be kept off all drugs. Despite this Faye allows Dr Mayes to set a group up. Things go reasonably well. However, a fly in the ointment in the shape of hardcore addict Magda soon starts to causing trouble...
7 7 "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" Tony Wharmby Tony Parker 15 February 1974
Marilyn Hunter has been in mental hospitals since being convicted of murdering two babies left in her care 12 years previous. Now having been given a clean bill of health she has been transferred to Stone Park. Faye manages to persuade the authorities to allow her to the transfer her without a guard. However, her decision to stop for tea on the way back to Stone Park with Marilyn could cost Faye her job... Meanwhile, prisoner Joan Harrison is due to be moved to a semi-open prison within days However she doesn't want to leave Stone Park. In particular she doesn't want to leave Martha Parrish behind...
8 8 "Failing to Report" Christopher Hodson Rosemary Anne Sisson 22 February 1974
After attending a conference as a representative of Stone Park Charles Radley receives a summons to court over a motoring incident he was involved in. He decides against telling Faye about the incident. Then the papers get hold of the story... Meanwhile, Claire Staines, a usually passive if distant prisoner begins to show signs of descent for no apparently good reason.
9 9 "Tea on St. Pancras Station" Paul Annett Susan Pleat 1 March 1974
Shirley, a prisoner with mental problems who has passed through institutions run by Faye before is due for release from Stone Park. However, with the medical world having washed their hands of Shirley as an incurable and disruptive case Faye begins to worry about what will become of Shirley once she's on the outside. Faye resolves to help Shirley and make sure that she doesn't end up in prison again.
10 10 "Guessing Game" Bill Bain Peter J. Hammond 8 March 1974
Governor Boswell has to put up with George, an old friend and ex-magistrate, who has peculiar ideas regarding the adaptability of women in prison.
11 11 "When the Bough Breaks" Christopher Hodson Felicity Douglas 15 March 1974
The sentencing of a baby-snatcher creates tension between the prison inmates and the staff.
12 12 "Labour of Love" Paul Annett Peter Wildeblood 22 March 1974
A problem arises for Governor Boswell when a prisoner begins making paperweights.
13 13 "A Sense of Duty" Bill Bain David Butler 29 March 1974
The staff of Stone Park Prison disapprove of the sentencing of a prisoner who poisoned her dying father.

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