Withdrawal Reactions

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Antidepressant - Adverse Effects - Withdrawal Symptoms
... is suddenly discontinued, it may produce both somatic and psychological withdrawal symptoms, a phenomenon known as "SSRI discontinuation syndrome" (Tamam Ozpoyraz, 2002) ... Withdrawal reactions have been reported with tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and with SSRI's ... compared the signs and symptoms of SSRI discontinuation to those of benzodiazepine withdrawal and concluded that the withdrawal reactions were so ...

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    Separation anxiety is normal part of development, but individual reactions are partly explained by experience, that is, by how frequently children have been left in the care of others.... A mother who is never apart from her young child may be saying to him or her subliminally: “You are only safe when I’m with you.”
    Cathy Rindner Tempelsman (20th century)

    A separation situation is different for adults than it is for children. When we were very young children, a physical separation was interpreted as a violation of our inalienable rights....As we grew older, the withdrawal of love, whether that meant being misunderstood, mislabeled or slighted, became the separation situation we responded to.
    Roger Gould (20th century)