Winky can refer to:

  • Winky Wright, American boxer
  • Winky, a house-elf in the Harry Potter series
  • Slang for Penis
  • Winky, a frog Animal Buddy in Donkey Kong Country.

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Crumple-horned Snorkack - Characters - Winky
... Winky is a house-elf who originally served the Crouch family ... Jr is rescued from Azkaban by his mother, he is supervised and nursed back to health by Winky ... later uses it to conjure the Dark Mark, in spite of Winky's fervent attempts to stop him ...
Bamforth & Co Ltd - Film Titles - 1913-1915
... Finding His Counterpart (1913) Winky As A Suffragette (1914) Winky - Bigamist (1914) Winky Diddles The Hawker (1914) Winky Gets "Puffed Up" (1914) Winky Goes Camping (1914) Winky Goes To The Front (1914) Winky's. 1915) White Star (1915) Who Were You With Last Night (1915) Winky Photographer (1915) Winky's Blue Diamond (1915) Winky, The Long And Short Of It (1915) Won By A Fluke (1915) There's ...
Winky, Blinky, And Noddy - History
... Winky Moylan, Blinky Boylan, and Noddy Toylan were designed to be comic relief for the Flash, and were patterned after The Three Stooges ...
April Maze - Inky and Winky
... Inky and Winky make their most famous theatrical appearance in this short, which is occasionally mistaken for their only appearance ... The most common pairing of Inky and Winky began several years later ...
Winky's Horse
... Winky's Horse (Dutch Het paard van Sinterklaas) is a 2005 Dutch children's film ... Its sequel is Where Is Winky's Horse? ...