Wing Tsun - Training - Anti-grappling and Ground Fighting

Anti-grappling and Ground Fighting

One of the features of Wing Tsun that differ it from other branches of wing chun is anti-grappling and ground fighting trainings. Unlike grappling martial arts that wrestle on the ground or other styles which borrow grappling techniques from such arts, Wing Tsun uses its own principles on the ground to overcome the opponent. This is in contrast to the idea that Wing Chun (wing tsun) can only be applied stand up and is not effective on the ground. This is due to the fact that wing tsun (wing chun) is a formless martial art and do not use fixed and committed techniques, instead wing tsun chi sao reflexes and principles allows it to adapt itself to the ground fighting as well. The key point in anti-grappling is to prevent going to the ground at first, and if one lost his/her balance or fell, he or she will use the same chi sao reflexes and wing tsun eight principles on the ground for preventing chokes, joint-locks and finishing the opponent, to get back on feet as soon as possible. In fact a wing tsun practitioner does not grapple, instead uses striking and trapping skills on the ground. In contrast to grappling martial arts this will allow one to use striking techniques such as punching, elbowing, eye gouging, kicks and groin attack on the ground. Abandoning the strikes on the ground and focusing on grappling techniques is one of the main weaknesses of grappling-based styles. The idea of preventing the "going to the ground at first" is due to the limitations of fighting on the ground; escaping, changing the angles or facing multiple opponents are common situations in real fights.

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